Starting the New Year

Nine new monoprints from the land where cardboard plays! Work from the start of winter. I hope these please the eye and mind. The rest of the website is due for a rearrangement and cleanup, so the newest work is only available here.

morning 18x12 monoprint

fog 18x12 monoprint

hidden 18x12 monoprint

container 18x18 monoprint with collage

ghost morning 18x12 monoprint

garden 18x12 monoprint

ghost bones 18x12 monoprint

map 18x12 monoprint

erosion 18x12 monoprint

New Prints - November 1

These prints combine the ideas from 'sticks and stones' and the cardboard constructions. They are printed from pieces of prepared torn cardboard, extensively hand inked. All these monoprints are printed in a single pass through the press.

Hillside, tree, sun

Fall Forest

Ploughed Field

Vertical Landscape

Heroic Figure

Prints from the summer of cardboard

I have been inundated by cardboard boxes coming into my home this summer. As I recycled them, I started to admire the cleverness of the designers, creating boxes with a minimum of waste and adhesive, while still being able to create string and often compartmented containers. 

I took the opportunity to unfold these creations, and created simple prints from them. A few are here, the rest are at

New work for June (june already)?

These constructions were inspired by the recent paper prints and the vast quantities of cardboard that come into my house. I have always been attracted to corrugated cardboard, I think it is because of the structure underneath the placid surface. And then! you can expose the deception!. 

I am also still mulling about how to display these. Is the border strictly necessary? Should it be a thin line? are these meant to be freestanding or more or less wall pieces? This is definitely work in progress...

Anyway, here is a set of pieces. The top one is 18 x 24 inches, the rest are 18 x 12 inches.

New Monoprints 2020/04/22

Another set of prepared paper monoprints from the underground studio! Enjoy

18 x 12

12 x 18

18 x 12

12 x 18

paper plate monoprint 2020/04/11

Peach on a Branch

Paper Monoprints 2020/03/28

Newsprint, wet and then dried, sealed with acrylic medium, torn and viscosity inked. Some paper with applied texture. Printed on BFK Rives with Akua inks. Image area 12 by 18 inches.

Judd in Retrospect

I have always been a quiet fan of the quiet work of Donald Judd. Here is a review of  a gallery show at Gagosian There is a show at MOMA (somewhat online) as well. For audio from artists and critics here:, and a micro interview with the artist,

Prints from Cardboard Boxes

There is a constant influx of cardboard boxes into my life & home. Many are pretty plain, with just a mysterious size/shape code to distinguish them. But often inside those simple housings are examples of the cardboard boxmakers high art. They are folded from a few complicated pieces of corrugated so that they don't need to be glued together, and often create multiple segments within the box itself. Here is one - a camera came in it.

Catch of the Day

A Sea Crow sitting on the balcony of our hotel in Naples Florida. It was quite unconcerned about our presence, allowing us to get many pictures.

carborundum with stencil  18 x 12